Milestone found west of Palmyra at el Kersai

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Milestone found west of Palmyra at el Kersai


A milestone with the following inscriptions:

(Translation of Greek)...and [for the sa]fety of Septimia Zenobia, the most illustrious queen, the mother of the Emperor [Septimius Athenodoros] V[aballathus...]

(Palmyrene)1. 'l hׅ [ywh] wz [kwth dy] spׅtymyws
2. whblt 'tndr {ws nhy] r' mlk mkl'
3. w'pnrtׅt' dy mdnhׅ' klh br
4. sptׅ[ymy]ws ['dynt mlk] mlk' w'l
5. hׅyh dy spׅtymy' btzby nhyrt'
6.mlkt' 'mh dy mlk mlk'
7. bt 'ntywkws m<yl> 10+4

(Translation of Palmyrene) For the safety and vi[ctory] of SPTYMYWS (Septimius) WHBLT 'TNDR [WS] (Athenodorus), the most illustrious King of Kings and Corrector of the entire Orient, son of SPT[YMY]WS (Septimius) ['DYNT, King] of Kings; and for the safety of SPTYMY' (Septimia) BTZBY (i.e. Zenobia), the most illustrious queen, mother of the King of Kings, daughter of 'NTYWKWS (Antiochus), Fourteen m<iles>.


Gardner , S., Lieu, K. Parry From Palmrya to Zayton: epigraphy and iconography, 2005, 78.


268/70 CE


Greek and Palmyrene


“Milestone found west of Palmyra at el Kersai,” WIRE: Women in the Roman East Project, accessed June 24, 2018,

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