Great Colonnade located in Palmyra

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Great Colonnade located in Palmyra


A column of the Great Colonnade featuring the following inscriptions:

(Translation of the Greek): Statue of Septimia Zenobia, most illustrious and pious queen; the Septimii Zabdas, commander-in-chief (lit. great general), and Zabbaios, local commander, (both) most eminent (men), raised it to their sovereign lady, in the month of Loos, in the year 582 (August, A.D. 271)

(Palmyrene) 1. sׅlmt spׅtmy' btzby nhyrt' wzdqt [']
2. mlkt' spׅtmyw' zbd' rb hׅyl'
3. rb' wzby rb hׅyl' dy tdmwr qrׅtsׅtw'
4. 'qum lmrthwn byrhׅ 'b dy snt
5. 100+80+2

(Translation of Palmyrene) Statue of SPTYM' (Septimia) BTZBY most illustrious and pious queen; the SPTYMW' (i.e. the Septimii) ZBD', commander in chief, and ZBY, commander of Tadmor, the most excellent (men), have set (it) up to their mistress, in the month of 'B in the year 582 (August, AD 271).


Gardner , S., Lieu, K. Parry From Palmrya to Zayton: epigraphy and iconography, 2005, 71.


271 CE


Greek; Palmyrene


“Great Colonnade located in Palmyra ,” WIRE: Women in the Roman East Project, accessed June 24, 2018,

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